What does the investment cycle look like?

We present to you the projects we are currently financing.
We inform you about the expected market value of the project.

Why does it pay to invest in real estate?

For reasons of safety

The Bank guarantees deposits by depositors with 10% of its equity

Capital Partners guarantees with 50% equity participation

The money invested goes to a specific property

If the property is not sold, we rent it and you receive your due earnings

Physical maintenance of the property is our responsibility

Buy a share, bond, or equity stake in a company established to build an individual project

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is mutual financing.
It was created in the 19th century and according to this principle the Statue of Liberty was built – a number of small investors gathered together and created something big and powerful because they worked together.

There are 4 models:

The donation model
you are helping a project with no or only symbolic reward

The reward model
investors receive intangible or tangible rewards

The rent model
where the initiator of the campaign returns the invnestors’ money with interest

The proprietary model
investors support projects in exchange for a capital share in the developer company

Capital Partners d.d. uses a renting, ownership, and project model, that is, a combinationof reward and ownership model


When you financially participate in the construction of a building, you are co-owning the company that owns the property. The earnings and payback periods are determined for each project.


If you buy a share, your guaranteed annual earnings are 8%


If you are investing long-term for 2-5 years. Interest rates depend on the investment period; 8% annually for 2 years, 8.5% annually for 3 years, 9% annually for 5 years

Sounds too good to be true.

Of course there are risks.
That is why we invest in real estate – this is where the risks are smallest.