About us

We founded Capital Partners d.d. to facilitate access to commercial real estate investment and to enable the investor community to diversify their investment portfolios with a different form of investment options accessible to most people.

With crowdfunding, we only finance real estate projects using our know-how and experience in project management.

Who are we?

Marin Štiglić, MS in civil engineering

Co-founder of Capital Partners d.d and Chairman of the Supervisory Board. He has many years of experience in entrepreneurship and project management. Creatively persistent, he thinks he can always do better.

Marija Vukelić, MS in economy

Vice President of the Company’s Supervisory Board. Outstanding financial and accounting specialist with a long career. She encourages the exchange of ideas and supports the team when the going gets tough.

Gordan Miler

Member of the Supervisory Board. Certified real estate agent with many years of experience in a large number of projects. He genuinely believes in community as a path to success.

Zoran Gnjidić, MS in economiy

Board Member of Capital Partners d.d. with over 20 years of experience in project management in the banking and real estate business, as well as in the construction domain. Always open to honest and fruitfulcommunication.

Gordana Peroš, MS in civil engineering

Certified Engineer, Chief Designer and Supervising Engineer with many years of experience in the construction and management of a large number of properties with international references. She believes that trust is the best indicator of honesty.

Barbara Blažičević Gržetić, MS in economy

Head of the commercial department that implements the basic idea of crowdfunding through open communication with investors, partners and clients.

Invest safely with us

If you are among the lucky ones who have some savings, you probably keep them in the bank.

How high are the interest rates on your savings? Probably very meager.

Now imagine if your interest on the same amount of money were 8%.
This is the minimum figure.

If you keep money in the bank, the bank may go bankrupt and the state may cover some of your savings.

When you invest wisely, your savings will bring more.

Capital Partners guards your investment by building real estate.

Once a building is built, it will not disappear.

If we do not sell it right away, we will rent it.

The profits are coming neatly.

We will warn you of any potential risk in advance.

There is always a risk.

But, when investing in real estate, the risk is the smallest.

Whatever happens, the building stands and is fully equipped.

You are the co-owner.

If we fail to sell it right away, we will rent it and you will earn your money, according to your share in the project.

How to choose an investment

We build the house at the chosen location, procure all the paperwork and permits and start with the project.

When the house is built, we put it on the market.

If everything goes according to plan, we sell it, divide the profit and move on to our next project.

Sounds reasonable?

Contact us on +385 (51) 284 800
or info@capital.hr to learn more about the project under way.